Monday, May 7, 2018

Prayer 1927: Being Good Seed (Matthew 13:1-16)

O Love Above All Loves,
we are borne aloft by your abiding love:
may we sing out your worship all the day long.
May our prayers and praises rise to You,
O Almighty Creator,
who sustains us in tenderness and mercy.

God of Joy,
we celebrate the thrum and pulse of the Earth beneath our feet,
the insistent reminder of your ongoing creation,
and of your embracing us with your abundant love.
Bring us to a deeper knowledge and obedience
of your call to us to care for creation
and care for each other.
Send us forth into the world,
scattered like good seed on fertile, faithful ground,
that we may produce an abundant harvest
of joy, justice, and peace.

Gather us to your bosom, O God,
and sow your blessing within our hearts.
Bless and keep all who seek You,
we humbly pray.

829, adapted

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