Thursday, May 3, 2018

Prayer 1923: God's eye is on the sparrow

(Matthew 6:25-34)
Most Merciful God,
our awakening spirits give you thanks and praise,
and we rise from your rest secure in your embrace.

The Earth is illumined with the glory of God:
You adorn the dogwoods with a lacy veil,
and the forsythia glow with golden joy at your coaxing;
the canopy of pine and oak enclose a cathedral choir
as all the Earth sings out your praise, O Creator.

Your eye is upon the sparrow and hummingbird, O God,
you brood over the Earth like a hen over her nest,
and gather all safely within your care:
we are secure and comforted upon your breast,
and soothed by your steadfast love.

You spread your mighty wings, O Holy One
to shield and shade us in our need,
and nourish us in wisdom that we may grow in your ways,
upheld by your unending love and compassion.

Spirit of the Living God,
pour out your comfort over all who turn to You in need:
relieve the suffering, and dry the tear of those who mourn.
Lord Jesus, lead us in paths of healing and mercy,
and grant your blessing over those we remember before You.


Photo: Yesterday, our beloved Brinkley (on the left) passed away: I was blessed to be able to sit with him for an hour and a half and remind him of what a good boy he is.

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  1. So sorry for your loss. His eyes look like he was indeed a good boy 🙂