Thursday, April 19, 2018

Prayer, day 1909: On the anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing

Holy One, we worship You in heart, mind, and body,
and praise your glorious wisdom
as we study your words in the rising light,
as dawn illuminates your handiwork,
reminding us of your love and care, O God of All.

Awaken us, who dream of peace,
to see your glory spread across the sky,
to sing out your Name to all people.
Teach us to walk in love with each other,
and root out the callousness and contempt we embrace,
that we may turn from the way of death and destruction
to embrace the way of light and life.

You know our suffering and our sorrows, Lord Christ:
in the midst of sorrow You are there,
and your hand of healing comforts us.
Give ear, we humbly pray, O Beloved Savior,
to the whispered prayers and remembrances of your people,
and soothe the hearts of those who worry or weep.
Give your peace to those who miss lost loved ones,
especially at the hands of terror and violence.

Lead us to a deeper fellowship
with You and one another, Blessed Redeemer,
and bring our hearts to rest in You.
Lord Jesus, open our eyes to see You
as You stand before us:
in the face of friend and beggar, seeker and saint.

Merciful One, pour out the balm of blessing and recovery
on those we now name.

818, adapted

Photo: Panoramic view of The Survivor Tree on the grounds of the Oklahoma City Memorial.

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