Saturday, April 14, 2018

Prayer, day 1904

We praise your Wisdom, O God,
that sings to us in creation!
We thank You for this world in all its beauty and wonder. 

Teach us to be trustworthy stewards of your living Earth,

to walk gently, reverently, and humbly upon it.
May we remember that everywhere we stand
is in the presence of the Almighty
and is holy ground. 

But chiefly Lord,
build us up in loving peace,
that we may be guided by justice, compassion, and integrity,
which is the foundation of your dream for us.
May we treasure life,
and stand for the weak and the oppressed,
being a refuge for all who are in danger or persecution.

Give us faith that grows

as the grass in the meadows.
Teach us to care for all of creation
as brother, sister, mother, father--
making each others’ burdens our own. 

Let us, with all creation,

rejoice together,
work together,
pray together,
and mourn together.

Send your healing Spirit upon the entire Earth,
and especially upon those for whom we now pray.

821, adapted

Photo: Passion Flower, Washington National Arboretum.

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