Saturday, April 21, 2018

Prayer 1911: A Prayer of Peace, Yielding, and Union in God

In peace, we bend the knee of our hearts to You,
O Merciful One,
O Dancing Trinity,
tuning our hearts to sing your praise,
that we may come to abide and rest
in your holy truth, O God.

May we joyously yield
to your will in our lives, Lord Jesus,
and delight in our common life together as your children,
in trust and assurance of your tender love for us.
May we pause in all our striving
to turn our hearts to your light and wisdom,
O Spirit of the Living God.
May we give up our self-absorption,
our drive to exploit the wounds or needs of others,
and renounce the destructive obsession
of our power against each other.
May we produce abundantly
from the seeds of charity and compassion
You have planted within us,
that we may rejoice and be at peace,
at play in fields of mercy, justice, and hope.

May we nurture the common bonds
of kinship and affection,
and recognize the holy light of God in each face we see.
Let us seek deeper union within your grace, O God:
for You are our home and our rest,
the very source of our breath:
let our breath return to You as praise and devotion.
All our loves,
all our cares,
all our needs,
all our aspirations:
You number and know them, O Creator,
and encompass all within your peace.


Photos: Stairwell and interior wall in La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.

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