Saturday, March 31, 2018

Prayer, day 1890: Holy Saturday

Almighty God, we wait in the darkness
before the dawn of your Son,
remembering and blessing him, now and forever.

In stillness the earth pauses,
and awaits the resurrection:
hear our prayers, O Comforter. 

We turn our faces toward hope,
awaiting the coming of the third day:
we know You share our sorrows and pain. 

Help us renounce the evils that chain us, O Lord:

roll away the stone of our hearts, we pray. 

Lord Christ, you prayed forgiveness for your enemies

even upon the cross:
help us so renounce vengeance and strife.

Bless those for whom we pray, O Merciful One,
and pour your comfort like a balm over them.


Image: Andrea Mantegna, Lamentation Over Christ, ca. 1475-1478

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