Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Prayer 1880

All creation bears your beauty,
Lord God of Hosts,
yet even the sparrow is upheld by your hand:
therefore we pray to You in awe,
praising your loving kindness.

Open our hearts,
and inscribe your love upon them, Blessed Jesus;
heal and purify us of fear and division,
that we may love each other with generous spirits.

Shepherd us in paths of justice and peace,
O Lover of Our Souls,
that we may love each other as You love us,
embodying your wisdom and shalom.

Grant us the will to serve You, Holy One,
and consecrate us by your Holy Spirit
to be holy and compassionate,
loving and true as your disciples.
Lord, we place ourselves within your hands,
and ask your blessing on those for whom we pray.


Photo: A heron rises from the estuary near the Barcelo Tambor resort in Costa Rica.

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