Sunday, March 11, 2018

Prayer 1870: The Fourth Sunday in Lent

Merciful God,
who loves us beyond measure,
withholding not even your Son from us,
we gather before You in light and faith,
praising You with one heart.

We thank You for enlightening us
with the light of Christ, our true home,
that we may have everlasting life
in each moment of our lives.
Draw us away from the paths of sin and darkness,
that we may follow our Savior in hope and gratitude,
gathered as one Body around your altar.

Holy One, We are your Beloved children:
pour out the light of your blessing
over all who call out to You for help,
and strengthen and heal those who lift their faces to You.


Photo: Looking Through to Green, Abandoned lighthouse, Barbados, 2013.

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