Friday, March 9, 2018

Prayer 1868: Faith in the Storm

Creator of All Life,
we turn our faces to You
in hope and gratitude:
may we center ourselves within your will today.

Teach us to pull together,
setting our course
by the light of your love, O Savior.
Lord Jesus, you are with us in tempests and trials;
your presence brings light in the midst of darkness,
and heals the turbulence in our hearts.
Let our hearts not be hardened,
but give us eyes to see your abundant grace,
and to rest in your assurance of mercy and healing.

Holy Spirit, pour out your wisdom,
and strengthen us to persevere in faith
to center our intentions upon your commandments,
walking in love as disciples in truth.
Gather into your safekeeping
all in danger, sorrow, or trouble, O Holy One,
especially those we now name.


Image: Rembrandt, Christ in the Storm on the Lake of Galilee.

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