Thursday, March 1, 2018

Prayer 1860- God Who Sees Me

God of All Mercy,
El Roi, the God Who Sees Me,
You have given us a new day
for us to praise and bless You.

May we humbly offer the work of our hearts to You,
Blessed Savior,
that our deeds and example may be holy and healing.

May we work for the restoration of creation,
setting our hands to repairing the breaches that divide us,
working together in harmony.

May we set our course by your wisdom,
and be guided by faith and hope,
reflecting your peace in our lives.

Unite us as a royal priesthood,
gathered by your mercy to serve your truth,
supported and guided by the Holy Spirit.

Bless us, O God, we humbly pray,
and give your angels charge over those we now name,
enveloping them in your abundant love.


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