Saturday, March 24, 2018

Prayer 1883: For the March for Our Lives

O God, our Refuge and our Strength,
our Shield and our Redeemer:
We raise our voices to you,
grateful for your love
which has guarded us through the night.

Strengthen our resolve to work for peace,
and our determination to resist the forces of violence and death
that profit from division.
Our trust is in You, O Holy One,
who has called us to unity in the name of right,
upheld by the love You implanted in us.

Grant us courage and eloquence
against the power of the lie,
and against the ravening jackals who feed on fear,
that we may live in justice, security, and abundance.

Lord Jesus, You have called us into communion with each other:
let us live fully into your commandments
to love each other and love God
with our entire being.

Holy One, we give You thanks
for the children who lead us into hope,
and remind us to look for your divine image in everyone we encounter.
We ask also that you envelop within your loving care
all those whose needs we bring before You.


Photo: Lenten crosses decorate the entryways of homes all throughout Costa Rica. I thought about the symboliss of this image as I was unable to participate in one of the Marches for Our Lives taking place all ove the US.

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