Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Prayer 1858

Almighty and Everliving God,
Creator and Healer,
work within our hearts, we pray,
that they may be restored to steadfast faith and hope.

May we choose this day to be gentle and loving
in all our ways, O Holy One,
remembering and admitting our own faults
and seeking reconciliation for all wounds we have inflicted.

Forgive, restore, and strengthen us
that we may walk in love with each other
as Christ blazed the path before us
of healing, wisdom, and compassion.

Send your Spirit, O Merciful One,
to uplift all who are bowed down,
for you are our sure foundation,
and your love is from everlasting.

Eternal One,
You know our cares and concerns even before we ask:
extend the awning of your mercy over all for whom we pray.


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