Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Prayer, day 1831: In memory of those we have lost

Merciful God,
let us still our hearts and breathe deep your love.
Holy One, give us healing hands
and compassionate hearts for all today.
Let us join together to praise your Name
and proclaim your good news throughout the world.

Almighty One, we give You thanks
for the love of family and friends,
especially those who are gone from us.
We thank You for being with us
in sunshine and in shadow,
for Your Love never fails.

Give us the wisdom to follow your paths
as we seek to love each other as your children.
Give rest to all who are heavy laden with regret or sorrow,
and reconciliation for all who seek forgiveness.

Loving God, we ask that the hand of your blessing rest especially
upon those we now name.


Photo: My Dad, his twin brother Cordell, their cousin Arnold, and many other of their cousins in elementary school in (probably) Roosevelt, Oklahoma, in the early 1930s. My Dad died twelve years ago today.

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