Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Prayer, day 1823: On the fifth anniversary of the Mutual Prayer Circle

Almighty Creator,
You are our Life and our All:
Blessed be your Name in all creation! 

Be our Mother and our Father, O Love Divine,
for you bear us in the world,
and we find rest, comfort, and strength in your embrace. 
Be our home and our refuge, O Holy One,
for all like sheep we are prone to wander astray. 
Be our light and our guide, O Blessed Savior,
as we seek a path that honors You,
and bears your hope into the corners of darkness. 
Be with all who have worried
or wept in the night, O Protector,
that they may know that You are ever near. 

Gathered in your Name, Most Merciful One,
we bend the knee of our hearts before You,
offering our all to You.
Accept our prayers
of thanksgiving and intercession, Lord Christ,
as we pray especially for these beloveds.


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