Sunday, January 21, 2018

Prayer 1821: The Third Sunday after Epiphany

Most Merciful God,
we rejoice to gather around your altar
and worship You in spirit and truth today.
We hear You, O God,
tenderly calling our names,
and our feet are now standing in your courts:
we hear, and rejoice in your light.
Teach us to let go of the resentments and fears
that weigh us down, O Holy One.

Lead us to the love of each other, Lord Jesus,
and to dedicating ourselves
toward the relief of poverty, suffering, and hopelessness,
to the securing of abundance for all.
Teach us to mend the cords of love
that unite us as one, O Savior,
and live lives of mercy and healing.

Bless us and consecrate us, Lord,
to be vessels of your abundant grace and mercy,
that we may live into your call to us;
pour out your peace over us,
and your comfort to those we now name.


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