Sunday, January 14, 2018

Prayer 1814: The Second Sunday After Epiphany

Almighty One,
You have searched us out and known us,
and nonetheless loved us as your very own,
and the miracle of your love leaves us breathless.

We marvel at your mercy and grace, Lord,
at your love which knit us together at our birth:
our spirits are restless until they abide in You.

With joy we gather at your altar today
answering your call, O Savior, and seeking your truth
that we may live into your dream for us,
united as your beloved children.

Help us to see your face, Lord Christ,
in each and every person,
your beauty in every blade of grass,
your voice in the wind stirring the winter fields.

Make us people of light and bearers of joy, O Holy One,
offering our gifts and our hope to the world in your Name,
singing your praises in tune with all creation.

Fill us with a discerning spirit, Beloved Jesus,
that we may be strengthened in faith,
and led by your wisdom and reconciliation
to the path of redemption and justice.

God of Abundance,
Prince of Peace,
Spirit of Compassion,
encompass us within your embrace,
and give your angels charge, we pray,
over those we remember before You.


Photo: Skylight and cross above the altar at the Church of St. Martin, Davis, California.

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