Friday, January 12, 2018

Prayer 1812: rejoicing in the fellowship of friends

Most Merciful God,
You are are home and our refuge:
we gather in peace to worship and praise You.
Before You, O God, we bow our hearts,
and center ourselves in your goodness and grace;
accept our prayers and praises, in your mercy.

For the gift of companions of the heart,
and loving embraces at journey's end,
we give thanks to You, O God.
Strengthen all who seek to serve You, Blessed Savior,
and prosper their labors to the glory of your kingdom, we humbly pray.
Pour out your wisdom upon us, O Holy Spirit,
that we may be united in seeking the common good,
and stand alongside all who suffer want or any other injustice.
Make us loving, compassionate guardians of your creation,
that we may be filled with wonder
at the imprint of your beauty all around us, O Creator.

Hold us within the hollow of your hand, Lord Jesus,
and gather us within your healing embrace.
Hear our prayers, O Holy One,
and shelter all who call upon your Name.


Photo: Toiyabe National Forest in Jarales, NM, from the air as I fkew to visit my dear friend Pamela.

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