Thursday, December 28, 2017

Prayer 1797: In remembrance of the Holy Innocents

Blessed Redeemer,
we lift up our hearts to You,
and offer You our thanks and praise.

Create in us clean hearts, O God,
and fill us with wonder and grace
that we may walk in integrity today,
and humbly serve You,
seeking your will in our lives.
Strengthen us to act, Lord Christ,
that the weak be protected,
the lost reconciled,
the hungry fed,
the oppressed liberated,
the sorrowing comforted.
Grant us courage, hope, perseverance,
that we may never surrender to evil,
but stand firm in faith
and shine truth into darkness.

Merciful One,
consecrate us to your service today,
and bless and keep all those for whom we pray.


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