Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Prayer 1788: Saying yes to God

We praise You, O Creator,
and lift our hearts to You in prayer:
abide with us,
abide within us, we pray. 

May we surrender all that separates us
from remembering our union with You, O God,
and with each other:
let it be for us according to your word.

Blessed Jesus, we open the gates of our souls to You:
renew and strengthen us in holiness
as we watch and wait for the Light of Christ.

Holy Spirit, bear us up on the wings of hope and faith,
that charity and generosity may dwell in our hearts;
still us and center us
within the blazing love of God.

In this season of anticipation,
may we offer the gift of ourselves
to the broken places in the world,
just as You, O God,
sent your Incarnate Word
in the name of healing and peace.

Loving Savior, grant us grace,
and guide us in humility today,
pouring out your compassion on those for whom we pray.


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