Sunday, December 3, 2017

Prayer 1773: the First Sunday in Advent

Most Merciful One,
we awaken before You
and offer our thanks and praise
for your hand that has held us
and renews our spirits in hope.

Come, Lord Jesus, come,
banish the curtain of darkness
and drive away the clouds that enshroud us
with the glorious light of your love.

Let all people
from the four winds of the earth
sing praises as we await your coming,
sing praises to the humble Prince of Peace.

Let us be watchful and wakeful
as our Holy One approaches
and seeks entry into our hearts
to guide us in ways of redemption and peace.

Send forth your angels
to spread the canopy of your wisdom over us;
that we may perceive the coming light of God
pierce the lengthening veil of darkness.

By the power of the Holy Spirit,
draw forth within us
budding leaves of faith and expectation,
that we flourish in righteousness and abundant love,
as is your will.

Lead us in the ways of your Word, O God,
and rest your blessing upon all whose hope is in You.


(Inspired by Mark 13:24-37)

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