Saturday, November 25, 2017

Prayer 1765: For reconciliation and forgiveness

Almighty Creator, all the we are is yours,
and our names are written on your hands:
accept our prayers and praises
as we rise to meet this day in your love.

May we open our hearts, Lord,
to your ongoing creation within us,
that your Spirit and will may work in our lives
in honor, holiness, and truth.

We thank You for the abundant grace in which we dwell:
may we turn away from sin and darkness,
and abide in your healing light.
Remembering all we have been forgiven, O Savior,
let us ourselves walk in reconciliation and forgiveness,
freed from the snares of resentment and anger.

Blessed Jesus, may we be anointed by your healing love
to follow you and live in your way of justice.
In your mercy, Lord Christ,
bend near to hear our prayers,
and bless those for whom we pray.

based on Matthew 18: 21-35 from today's daily office

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