Saturday, November 18, 2017

Prayer 1758: Inspired by Psalm 90 (Diocesan Convention day 2)

Almighty One,
your steadfast love endures forever:
as the curtain of night is lifted,
we see the glory of all your works,
and rejoice!

Your loving-kindness satisfies us
and sustains us all our lives:
we know our times are in your merciful hand,
and You, O God, are with us.

Forgive us for chasing after fleeting pleasures,
for closing our hearts to You and each other,
and failing to care for creation.
Make us mindful of your abundant grace;
and make us generous and compassionate
that our actions may testify to your love.

Teach us instead to number our hours as your gift,
and dedicate our days to seek wisdom and embody mercy,
walking in justice and reconciliation.

Set us aflame by the power of the Holy Spirit,
and make us one Body,
rejoicing in the mighty waters of hope.

Spread the canopy of your blessing, Lord Jesus,
over all who seek you, and especially those we now name.


Photo: The Rev. Loren Lasch, my friend and colleague in youth ministry, addresses the 178th convention of the Diocese of Missouri, with my son and other youth behind her.

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