Saturday, October 28, 2017

Prayer 1737: the stars sing God's praise

I will praise You, O God, with my first thought
as morning joy bids me to rise.
The stars sing out your praises;
their song resonates
even beyond the blue veil of day.
Your love is the foundation of the earth;
all creation rests within your embrace, O Steadfast One.

Our longing hearts turn to You:
Your Word is a lamp for our feet,
showing us the way home,
the way of peace and justice.

We thirst for your wisdom, O Redeemer:
pour out your Spirit within us,
heal and refresh us by your grace.

Let us answer your harvest call, Lord Christ,
and like workers at the harvest 
ear your abundant peace into the hungry world.

May the mantle of your goodness envelop us,
O Holy One,
and all those for whom we pray.


Photo of the Milky Way Galaxy from the Black Rock Desert in Nevada by Steve Jurvetson via Wikipedia.

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