Thursday, October 5, 2017

Prayer 1714: For renewal and reconciliation

The exterior of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona shows Peter mourning as he realizes his denial of Jesus.
Prayers for Catalonia.

Abiding God, Loving One,
we breathe in Your presence at our waking,
knowing You have guarded us through the night
and given us rest.

We acknowledge our faults,
our miserly hearts,
and ask your forgiveness
as we dedicate ourselves to renewal and reconciliation.
In our own heedlessness and bitterness
we have sinned against You, O God,
and against each other.

Let us now open the gates of our hearts
to give your love a dwelling place, O Christ,
that we be filled wth charity and wisdom.
Let us cherish your gospel,
and ground our actions in your truth, O Savior,
that we may embody peace and justice.

With amity toward all
and malice toward none
may we walk the good road,
companions in hope and faithfulness.
Holy One, we lift before You
the concerns of ourselves and our kindred,
and ask your blessing on your beloveds as we pray.


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