Sunday, September 17, 2017

Prayer 1696: Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Lord Christ, you called us to forgive from our hearts,
without reservation:
lead us to reconciliation with
and empathy for each other.
Open our hearts to acknowledge
the wrongs we do each other each day
and grant us the courage
to treat each other with love and compassion.
May we repent of the barriers we erect
within our hearts and minds
against those different from us.
May we forgive each other
for the times we have exploited each other
or denied your goodness
in those we have judged less worthy.

As we gather around your altar today, O God,
remind us of your call to love
and the grace You freely bestow upon us.
May we reflect that mercy back into our communities,
examine our faults
and acknowledge our sins,
and work to heal our divisions.
Teach us to support each other
as we all seek our way
that we may grow and learn in faith.
Gather us in one fellowship,
nourished by Christ,
sharing one bread and one cup
lifting up each other's cares as we pray together.


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