Monday, September 4, 2017

Prayer 1683: For Labor Day

Mr. Eustace, carving a bird feeder from natural materials in Barbados.

Holy One,
the works of your hands sustain each moment:
we pause from our labors to give you thanks and praise.

O Creator, who rested upon the seventh day,
let us work not just for a living
but to have life abundantly.
Remembering your abundant grace,
let us work alongside those who are in want,
and act to empower the poor.
May we create an equitable society
that honors the dignity and contribution of every worker,
and uses wealth righteously.
Guide those who search for work,
that all may dwell in security, comfort, and ease.

Lord, You called us to establish justice:
may we remember your commandment
to love each other as we love ourselves.
For the love of all,
may we create an economy
with wages that sustain each household.
Giving thanks for our fellowship in your kingdom,
O Holy One,
we ask your grace to rest upon those we now name.


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