Thursday, August 31, 2017

Prayer 1679: for protection and respite

Detail from the pulpit at Benton Chapel, Vanderbilt University.

In peace we awaken to draw near to our God:
deliver us, O Lord,
and place us within the lee of your embrace.
Set us safely upon the higher ground
and drive back the rising waters of fear and anxiety.
Place your protection over all who are in danger:
O God of All Comfort, be our refuge and our stronghold.
For we know You are with us always,
in joy as well as trouble,
and we turn to You in assurance, O Holy One.
Grant us the gift of the Holy Spirit
to lift us up and heal our hurts,
and the mind of Christ to do right.
With one heart,
we place before You all our concerns, O Lord,
and ask your mercy to rest upon them.


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