Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Prayer 1671

Detail from a mosaic in Washington National Cathedral.

We open our eyes to the dawning of the day,
and praise your loving care over us, Lord:
hear our prayer.

Blessed Jesus,
gather our restless spirits close to you,
and bring us into the light of your compassion.
Teach us the beauty of a life lived powered by love,
grounded in the power of your truth and hope.
Let our lives resound in harmony,
that we offer a melody of praise to You, O God.

Our hearts are firmly fixed, O Savior,
upon your path of peace,
that we may follow You in all things.
May the warmth of your healing love
enfold all those who suffer,
for our hope is in You alone, O Holy One.
Lord Christ, Beloved Savior,
turn your tender gaze upon those we remember before you,
and grant them your comfort.


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