Sunday, August 13, 2017

Prayer 1661: The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

Faith in action in Charlottesville. Photo by Christopher Mathias.
Lord, we give thanks to You,
and we come before your altars
to be strengthened by your Word and sacraments.

Forgive us our sins:
our hard-heartedness in the face of need,
our abandonment of your law of love.
Lord, let us not keep silence
when brethren conspire to kill
or sell their brother into slavery.

Let us remember your voice, O God,
is not in the storm,
but in the linked arms of those
whose embrace stands against hate and violence.
Give us faith, O Holy One,
to know that all is possible through love,
especially victory over evil.

Reach out your saving hand to us,
that our faltering hearts may be strengthened
to stand for truth and hope.
Let us go forth into the world
inspired to take up our cross
and step out onto the turbulent waters
in the name of Christ.

May the power of the Holy Spirit
seize our hearts and minds
and lead us to redemption.
Holy One, we lay our cares and anxiety before You-
pour out your mercy on all those for whom we pray.


Readings for today: Proper 14, Year A

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