Thursday, July 27, 2017

Prayer 1644: for Reconciliation

A pair of gorgeous blossoms from Strophanthus preussii, Medusa-Flower, at the National Gardens.

Blessed be You, God of the Universe,
who has formed us and loved us from time immemorial.
You know every bird in the sky,
and every living thing on the earth:
your mercy and compassion sustain us all.

Lord, let us hear your call to unity
and give thanks for our common life;
let us reconcile and heal our broken communities.
Guide us into a love of wisdom
that we may be led into peace and justice.

Holy One, accept the prayers of your people
as we seek fuller knowledge of your truth.
Led by Love Incarnate, our Savior Jesus,
may we be forces of healing and hope for all.
Holy Spirit, fill our hearts with goodness,
and extend the blessing of peace over all for whom we pray.


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