Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Prayer 1642: Casting wide our nets

St. Peter at the doors of the visitor's entrance at the Washington National Cathedral, with his net slung over his shoulder.

Eternal God, we open the doors of our hearts:
enter into our lives this day, and make us whole.
Reconcile us to You, and one another
 that we amend our lives
and repair our relationships.

Let the radiance of God's glory
shine forth from our countenance
and testify to God's unending mercy.
May we embody
the compassionate, healing love of Christ,
living as true disciples and companions in the Way.
Teach us to cast wide our nets,
drawing all to you in freedom, justice, and peace.

Draw near, O God, to the broken-hearted:
give your angels charge over those wait upon You.


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