Sunday, July 9, 2017

Prayer 1626: the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

Today I return to preside at my home parish, Holy Communion in University City, which has raised me up and supported me through the long journey toward ordination. Thanks be to God for this community of the faithful!

Draw near, beloveds, to worship God in the assembly,
to offer God our thanks and praise with one voice.

O God, gather us, your children,
under the shadow of your wing;
keep us as the apple of your eye.

Watch over all who seek your Way, Lord Jesus,
walking in fellowship, wisdom, and grace.
Come, Holy Spirit,
lead us in Paths of Peace
that we may walk in justice and friendship with all.

May we grow in holiness and love,
bound together in mutual respect and kindness.
At day's end, may we rest in your care,
having borne your truth into the world in joy.

Merciful One, reconcile us to You
and one another;
and bless and keep those for whom we pray.


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