Friday, July 7, 2017

Prayer 1624: in response to Psalms 140 and 142 in the daily office

A redbud leaf discovered on our pre-ordination hike at Windridge Solitude in Lonedell, MO.

Blessed Savior, the curtain of night lifts and we rise,
glorying in You and praising your holy name.
You have watched over us in love and tenderness;
we feel your hand upon us, and rejoice.
May your good news, Lord Christ, take root in our souls,
and the Spirit lead us in right pathways today.

Enfold us within your lovingkindness, Lord God;
let your grace seep into us like a summer rain.
Place us upon the solid rock of your love;
place your hand of protection over us in times of trouble.
Save us from the hand of evil-doers;
establish justice and mercy in our hearts
and in our land.

Incline your ear to our prayers, O Holy God;
grant your peace to those for whom we humbly pray.


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