Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Prayer 1621: On Independence Day

May we always let freedom ring for all, and be bearers of justice and wisdom into the world.

Most Merciful God,
your blessings are without number,
and we worship You alone
with joy and gratitude.

Make us lovers of peace
who embody your lovingkindness and compassion
in all the world.

Lead us to surrender our vainglory
for the better portion of prudence, gentleness, and equity.

Cleanse our hearts of division and selfishness
and fill them with your abundant grace and wisdom.

Teach us to lay down our swords
to take up empathy and wisdom as our armor.

Remind us that the greatest treasure
is love and knowledge of You,
O God of all the nations.

Open our hearts to receive your blessing, O Holy One,
that we may be healers and doers of good.

Rest your hand of comfort and grace, O Redeemer,
upon all who call upon You.


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