Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Prayer 1615: For discipleship

Detail from a tapestry at St. Augustine's Chapel at Vanderbilt University, Nashville.

Almighty Lord, Bringer of Peace,
we bless and worship You in our morning praise.
At noonday we pause and lift our hearts to You, O Lover of Souls,
and wonder at your steadfast lovingkindness.
At nightfall, we rest ourselves
under the strength of your right hand
and recount your many blessings.

Make us worthy to stand before You, Blessed Jesus,
bearing the name of disciples, we pray.
Help us keep our feet firmly on the pilgrim path
and our hearts within your Way of Love and Mercy.
Spirit of God, burn within us
and gentle our souls
that we may love God and each other always.
May we always proclaim the healing power of love,
that we may live in hope and charity.
Holy One, gather us within your grace today,
and pour out your blessing over those for whom we pray.


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