Thursday, June 22, 2017

Prayer 1609: making our lives an offering

Pray at all times.

Most Merciful God,
Earth-maker, Redeemer, Life-Giver,
we lift our hearts before You in oblation and praise.
You have given us life, O God,
all that we are as your gift,
that we may be your peace and blessing in the world.

May we hear and live into your call to us,
and live in love and charity with each other.
May your Spirit move over us
as it moved over the waters of creation,
and awaken the full humanity within us.
May we honor You and praise your goodness
and be your hands of healing
reached out in blessing over all people.
May we turn toward the path of wisdom,
and ground our lives in deeper knowledge of You.

Be with us this day, O Lord,
and bless and comfort those for whom we pray.


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