Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Prayer 1608: for kinship with all people

A rabbi prays for justice and peace with everyone on the steps of Christ Church Cathedral in 2014.

Almighty, Life-Giving God,
we praise You in joy before the rising sun.
Breathe into our spirits the gift of grace
and let mercy take root within us,
who know our manifold faults.
Forgive us our divisions, our fears, our jealousies,
and enlighten us by your living, eternal wisdom.
Help us to perfect ourselves in love
that we are living witnesses to You
through our words and deeds.
Guide us into generosity and empathy,
seeing your imprint in each person.
Unite us through love of You, O Redeemer,
who are known by many names but one truth.
Pour out your blessing over us,
and place your hand of healing over all.


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