Sunday, June 18, 2017

Prayer 1605: First Sunday After Pentecost

The harvest is ready-- let us be willing workers to gather it!

Holy Redeemer, we come before your altars today,
in praise and thanksgiving,
that we may live more deeply into your truth.

Send us as joyful workers
into your harvest, O God,
that we may live into your call in our lives.

Make us doers and healers,
witnesses to your glory,
seeking out the lost and the hurting in your Name.

Give us grace to be light to the lost
and protectors to the weak,
standing alongside the oppressed.

May we grow into our faith in You, Lord Christ,
bearing your love into the world in joy.

Spirit of Hope, guide each step we take today,
and pour out your peace over those we now name.

Proper 6

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