Saturday, June 10, 2017

Prayer 1597: for true friendship

Here are some of my friends blessing my replacement car after an accident totalled my first one.
They took seriously my need for closure and healing with good humor and kindness, and that's real friendship.

Most Merciful One, we praise You and bless You,
lifting our hopes and prayers before You.
Let us seek not exploit others, or use them for our gain,
but instead celebrate the beauty within each person.
Help us to treat each other with tenderness and dignity,
that we embody the compassion of Christ.
Make us loyal friends and companions,
with words and hearts abounding in gentleness and hope.
Give us the insight to seek pardon when we have offended,
and to grant pardon when asked.
Help us to walk unencumbered in the Way of Jesus,
laying aside all grudges and resentments.
For You, O God, are the source of all blessing,
may we praise You with every breath that you give.
Hold us tenderly within your heart, Lord Jesus,
and grant your peace and comfort to these beloveds.


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