Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Prayer, day 1565

Dutch iris

Holy One, we praise you: guide us as we seek to do your will today.
Give us strength to carry your light into places of darkness.
Give us hope for those who are in despair or sadness.
Give us endurance for those who are ill and facing a long path to healing.
Give us gentle compassion for those who are angry and hurting.
Give us wisdom for those who are filled with rejection and denial.

Help us to love God and each other in the way of Christ:
fiercely, patiently, and completely.
Consecrate the hands and minds of doctors and nurses as they seek to use the gifts given by you, O God, to bring healing to the hurting.
Blessed Savior, shine the light of your countenance upon us, and bless especially those for whom we pray.


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