Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Prayer 1587: The Visitation of Mary and Elizabeth

The Visitation of Mary and Elizabeth, by Jesus Mafa, a Christian community in Cameroon.

O God, Our Rock and Our Savior,
You have done great things for us,
and we praise and bless your Holy Name.

Come, Holy Spirit,
and awaken our souls to magnify the Lord;
let us praise our God unceasingly.
Most Merciful One,
let it be for us according to your will:
may the joy of Christ leap within our hearts.
Help us to bear Christ into the world,
and testify to the power of his love in our lives.

Holy One, grant your mercy upon all who seek your help:
satisfy the poor and oppressed with justice.
Look with favor upon us as your servants, O Holy One,
and preserve in hope all those who call upon You.


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