Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Prayer 1580: For Rogation Day

Mother Pamela asperges Shepherd Farm garden, whose produce is donated to the hungry.

O Holy One of Blessing,
who spreads this day before us in glory and beauty,
we praise and bless You:
hear our prayer.

Bless, O God,
the fields and gardens
that bring forth your bounty to a hungry world:
may all who hunger be fed.

Bless, O God,
all those who labor to plant, tend, and harvest:
may we honor their work
and our dependence upon it.

Bless, O God,
all those who protect this fragile Earth:
awaken in us a love of creation,
that we may preserve its integrity.

Almighty One, with the ravens and the lilies of the field,
may we testify to your goodness and providence
with grateful hearts.
As all creation works together in Spring,
may we also in unity sing out your praise
in our green song of joy and rebirth.

Lord Jesus,
plant within us new hope and faith,
and place your hand of blessing over those we now name.


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