Sunday, May 21, 2017

Prayer 1577: Sixth Sunday of Easter (Rogation Sunday observance)

From last year's Rogation Sunday service at Church of the Good Shepherd.
O God, we rejoice to come into your courts today,
for you are our portion and our cup, our good above all others.
Accept the offered prayers and praises of your all creation
as we sing out in joy before You.
Let us live in such a way that testifies
that Christ is in us, and we are in Christ,
with holiness and mercy.
Fill us with your wisdom, hope, and compassion,
that we may serve You and each other, O Spirit of Truth and Faithfulness.
Make us forces for reconciliation and healing,
honoring your call to service, Lord Christ.
Make your face to shine upon us, O God, and this good Earth,
and pour out your blessing on those for whom we pray.


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