Thursday, May 11, 2017

Prayer 1567: on the path of wisdom, grace, and compassion

Labyrinth at the Cathdral during Holy Week

Most Merciful God, who was watched over us during the night storm:
we bless and praise You, now and always.

You have laid a path before us
of wisdom, of grace, of compassion,
grounded in love.
Give us the spirits of little children
filled with wonder at your creation,
hearts open to each other.
Teach us to walk gently upon the Earth
and with each other,
breathing alleluias with each step.
Make us bold and joyful in our witness
to your saving help and steadfast love
that never fails.
May we demand justice for the oppressed,
mercy for the fallen,
and release for the poor.
Draw all who suffer under the wings of your sheltering love, Lord Christ,
that they may be refreshed and restored in You.


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