Sunday, May 7, 2017

Prayer 1563: The Fourth Sunday of Easter (Shepherd Sunday)

The window in the columbarium of Church of the Good Shepherd, Town and Country, MO.

O God, you have borne us up through the trackless night:
set us on the path of holiness and praise, for your love's sake.
Open our ears, O Shepherd, that we may know your voice
as you call to us in love and mercy.
Open our eyes, Lord Christ,
to see you walking before us in love,
teaching us to follow the way of life and light.
Give us humble, thankful hearts,
that we may follow you in faith and trust,
remembering your abundant love and grace.
Tame the wilderness in our hearts,
that we may be united to work for justice and peace
against the forces of death.

As we gather around your table, O Holy One,
let our hearts be fed by love
and strengthened for service to You and each other.
Tend us and keep us, O Lord,
for You seek out the lost and comfort the fearful
with tenderness and mercy.
Holy One, you bear all creation within your arms:
place upon your shoulders those for whom we pray,
and grant them peace.


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