Saturday, April 1, 2017

Prayer, day 1528: for endurance

Child in a park, Paris.

Lord, you have called us and known us since the moment of our birth: we abide in your lovingkindness with grateful hearts. 

Your grace restores our souls, O God: we praise you for the mercy you shower upon us. Forgive us for our hardness of heart: part the clouds of our willfulness with the glorious light of your Son, we pray. Pour out your peace like a shaft of sunlight to dispel the darkness we cling to; grant us courage to serve You and each other. 

Strengthen those who falter, O Lord, and comfort those who ache, for You are our Shelter and our Redeemer. Pour out your blessing like a balm, Lord Christ, and gather into your embrace those we now place before You.


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