Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Prayer 1551: for perseverence in times of trial (Ecclesiasticus 2:1-11)

Detail from a window in the McCarthy room, Eden Theological Seminary,
from which I will, with God's help, soon be graduating, thanks be to God.

Blessed is the Holy One, who bears our joys and sorrows,
and holds us as in a mother's tender care: thanks be to God.
Lord, we wait for your mercy like watchmen for the morning:
our hope is in your grace and steadfast love.

Make us faithful companions in Christ,
bearers of his saving help throughout the world,
we humbly pray.
Strengthen us in hope and faith
as we walk the path of discipleship, O God,
and help us to persevere in times of trial.
Send forth your Spirit to fill us with wisdom,
with generous hearts to support each other in love, as we pray.


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