Sunday, April 23, 2017

Prayer 1549: Second Sunday of Easter

A wildflower spotted along a walk in the woods.

Everlasting One, Prince of Peace,
we lift our hearts before your altars
to give you thanks and praise!

Let us join in the song of all the saints,
robed in glory,
as we worship you
and bear your witness into the world.
Let us walk in the name of a living faith,
steadfast enough to question and to hope.

Secure in your loving embrace, O Christ,
may we enter more deeply
into amazement and wonder before your throne.
May we shed all certainties
but the saving power of your love,
for You, O Holy One,
are our portion and our cup.

Bend the arc of your mercy
over all who call upon You, O God,
and gather within your presence all for whom we pray.


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