Thursday, March 30, 2017

Prayer 1526- Planted within God's grace

Starbursts of redbud blossoms crown each limb in full, glorious bloom.

Most Merciful God,
You who loved us into being:
we rise and lay our spirits open before You.
Forgive our pride, our wayward steps,
our heedless will to wound;
let us return to You with penitence and humility.

May your law of love be drawn into our hearts
as spring rain awakens the slumbering Earth.
As pear, cherry, and redbud
carpet the ground with their blossoms,
may we give thanks
for your mantle of mercy drawn over us.
Plant us deeply within your grace, O Creator God,
that we may be firm and upright
in faith and compassion.

Blessed Savior, bless us and teach us,
uplift us that we may embody your grace.
Walk beside us and lead us
into justice and truth, Lord Christ:
accept our praises,
hear our prayer,
and have mercy upon us.


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