Monday, March 20, 2017

Prayer 1516: in humility and compassion

Beloved Savior, we praise and bless your holy name, giving thanks for your unnumbered mercies.
You have sheltered us in your embrace through the night; watch over us as we go forth into the day you have given us.

Pour into our hearts the living water of your grace and truth, that we may be refreshed and restored to do your will, O God.
With humility and compassion, may we seek to be your healing hands in the world, following the path you set before us.
Open our eyes to see your light in all we encounter, embodying your mercy and justice to all the oppressed.
Give us the will to destroy the walls we have erected among each other, remembering that you have called us to unity.

Preserve the joyful, comfort the sorrowful, strengthen all who falter, and relieve those who suffer, especially those we now name.


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